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A PhD, atau Doctor of Philosophy, adalah gelar pascasarjana yang diberikan oleh universitas. Ini adalah gelar akademis atas tersedia di lapangan. Sebuah Doktor of Business Administration (DBA) adalah gelar pasca sarjana yang ditawarkan oleh sekolah bisnis atau fakultas bisnis di universitas. Penyelesaian suatu PhD online atau DBA online dapat menghasilkan prospek karir meningkat secara signifikan. Untuk mahasiswa atau profesional yang tertarik dalam kepemimpinan, akademisi, konsultasi, penelitian dan kewirausahaan, PhD atau gelar DBA dapat menawarkan keuntungan atau kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan. Banyak universitas di seluruh dunia menawarkan PhD Online dan program DBA Online. Berbagai berbeda PhD Online dan program DBA online dapat banyak - don 't membiarkan hal itu menghentikan Anda! Mulai pencarian Anda dengan melihat derajat PhD online paling populer dan program DBA online tercantum di bawah ini.

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Steinbeis School Of International Business And Entrepreneurship (SIBE)

LL.M. Hukum Bisnis Internasional (online)

November 23, 2017
SIBE Online kami LL.M. Program dalam Hukum Bisnis Internasional adalah program 1 tahun (+ 4 bulan untuk Tesis Master termasuk Master Thesis Defense) dengan 60 ECTS, yang mencakup semua bidang Hukum Bisnis Internasional yang relevan (seperti hukum perusahaan transnasional, M & A, Hukum Persaingan Internasional, Kekayaan Intelektual, Hukum Eropa,… [+] Hukum Kontrak, CISG, Litigasi, dll.). [-]

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What is an Online PhD?

A Doctor of Philosophy, or PhD, is a postgraduate degree that grants the bearer the title of “doctor.” In most cases, a PhD is the highest degree awarded in a field of study, and thus it signifies the highest level of qualification in that field. Many universities around the world offer online PhD programs. Online PhD programs are ideal for students who cannot commute to campus regularly due to work or commitments, location or other factors. Successful graduates of online PhD programs are awarded the same degree as on campus PhD graduates.

There are numerous benefits to taking a PhD online. Online study eliminates the requirement to regularly commute to campus. Online PhD courses allow students to study at any time, day or night, wherever they can access the internet. The flexibility offered by online PhD study is prized by working professionals, students with family commitments and those who are geographically isolated, among others. Some choose to enroll in online PhD programs for the added benefits brought by e-learning. Through the online PhD format, some students find they have more opportunities for direct communication with their supervisors and fellow students. Additionally, PhD students completing their research in the field may find it easier to enroll in an online PhD so that they can focus on collecting their data at the source.

Online PhD programs are available in many academic fields of study, including Social Sciences, Education, Health Sciences, Business, Physical Sciences and more. The topics of study, coursework and research topics will vary depending on the field of study. Generally, required coursework and independent research will be required for successful completion of a PhD online.

The completion of an online PhD can result in significantly improved career prospects. Especially for professionals interested in leadership, academia, consulting, research and entrepreneurship, a PhD degree can offer an advantage or a required qualification.

Online PhD program tuition fees vary greatly from one university to another. The university, location, program and field of study can all be determining factors in the cost of an online PhD. Some faculties may be able to offer financial assistance or advice on obtaining scholarships and support. It is important to contact the universities for specific information regarding the cost of PhD online programs.

The pre-requisites for online PhD programs can also vary depending on the academic field and university requirements. Many universities require applicants to have a master’s degree, while some allow for a transition directly from a bachelor’s degree. Some universities also require applicants to submit scores from admissions tests or language proficiency exams. Once accepted to an online PhD program, students must fulfill minimum requirements in their coursework. Online PhD students will also be required to complete independent research for publication, which contributes significant, new findings and knowledge to their field.

The structure and duration of a PhD program often depends on the norms of the country where the university offering the degree lies. For example, in Canada, PhD students must complete comprehensive exams after the first two years of their PhD in order to become a PhD candidate. In Germany, it is less common for PhD students to attend requisite classes; instead they obtain academic guidance in their research from a professor or committee. In most countries, the time it takes to complete a PhD will depend on the individual student and their research.

Universities in countries across the world offer online PhD programs. The online study format allows students to live anywhere - even on a different continent from their university. Read more here about online PhD programs at top universities the world over.